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adult and baby hearing test in Lahore

Auditory Steady-State Responses Hearing Test

An Auditory Steady-State Response (ASSR) hearing test is a diagnostic test used to determine whether a person has hearing loss. Our audiologist places soft electrodes behind the ears on a patient’s forehead. A series of clicking sounds are sent into the ear canals and picked up by a computer. ABR and ASSR tests are often combined in newborn screening programs.

What is ASSR?

ASSR is an electrophysiologic response to sound that allows a hearing care professional to produce statistically valid audiograms. Its design is based on the principle of amplitude-modulated tones, which allows the clinician to analyze the visual waves generated by sound. It is also a useful diagnostic tool for severe hearing loss children.

How to Measure Hearing Loss with Assr?

A specialized instrument used for ASSR hearing tests measures hearing loss. The test is done using the continuous amplitude of frequency-modulated tones. These tones are extremely clear and allow for a more objective evaluation than other types of diagnostic tools. In addition, ASSR can help determine frequency-specific thresholds.

Our ASSR Hearing test Result is Accurate & Reliable.

The ASSR can be a valuable diagnostic tool. It is a simple way to measure the hearing thresholds of patients with various kinds of hearing problems. The results are very accurate and reliable. The ASSR is widely used in diagnostic testing and is considered a non-invasive alternative to traditional methods.

Why Choose Rchi Pak for ASSR Hearing Test?

ASSR tests are more precise than ABR tests. The ASSR testing method is more accurate than ABR, as the ASSR allows the examiner to record four simultaneous presentations. The test is also more convenient than ABR because it allows patients to perform more than one hearing test. The ASSR hearing test can be very useful for determining a patient’s hearing problem. It is an important part of the Rchi Pak Hear treatment process. The tests are performed in the Rchi Pak hearing clinic by trained professionals. Our highly qualified audiologist performs this Hearing Test. These tests are recommended for those with auditory neuropathy

Comparison of ASSR Test & ABR Test.

ASSR Hearing Test

The results of ASSR hearing tests vary from patient to patient.
ASSR results are much more reliable than behavioral tests
Although the ASSR test is widely used,
An ASSR hearing test is an objective method for assessing a person’s hearing. It is performed in a clinic

ABR Hearing Test

ABR tests depend on the examiner subjectively evaluating waveforms
The results from ABRs are only indicative, as it depends on the examiner’s subjective assessment of the waveforms.
ABRs can tell a person’s true threshold level without the aid of cochlear implants.
The audiologist will use a standard audiogram to help make a final decision.

The procedure of Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR).

During an ASSR hearing test, our audiologist will place four electrodes on the forehead and behind a child’s ears. The audiologist will then place small earphones in the child’s ears and play varying tones at different volumes. Once the electrodes record the sounds, the results will show if the child has any hearing loss. A baby or toddler will most likely have a bilateral response. Despite the benefits of ASSR tests, they are not foolproof. The ASSR test is also subject to spurious responses, especially high-intensity stimuli. However, A doctor will use the results of the ASSR test to decide if a patient should have cochlear implants. Usually, an audiogram is not required before the procedure. It is not perfect. Its accuracy is not yet 100 percent. Some limitations are associated with ASSR tests, such as underestimating the thresholds. The clinical audiologist will be able to provide the most accurate diagnosis.

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An ASSR hearing test is similar to an ABR. It is a test that measures the electrical response of the auditory nerve and the inner ear. The baby is placed while sleeping with the sensor on his forehead. The test will then be repeated to determine if the patient has any hearing loss. A baby can be asleep or awake, and their health needs to be monitored simultaneously.

adult and baby hearing test in Lahore

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