Coselgi Vivace

Coselgi Vivace is the new hearing aids family for people with a dynamic, energetic and active lifestyle. Work, family, leisure. From the quietest whisper to the loudest shout, Vivace always provides optimum speech understanding right across the sound spectrum.

Listening to speech in noisy places is always difficult. Vivace’s technology separates the speech you want to hear from the background noise that you don’t cutting edge automatic multiband adaptive directional tecnology, reduces the level of background noise allowing you to take part in the discussion again – wherever you are. Optimal ten channel processing means your hearing instrument can be precisely matched to your individual hearing needs.

Thanks to the multiple programme options, Vivace ensures high quality signal reception and a perfect interaction with everybody even in tricky situations. The enviromental sensing in Vivace continually scans your environment to analyse the listening challenges you face; processing features are then automatically optimized to ensure that you hear clearly and comfortably always. Thanks to Vivace’s revolutionary impulse noise rejection technology, intense sounds are never too loud and unpleasant while quite are clear and easy to hear.

Vivace offers the perfect balance of discretion and functionality. A device that is almost invisible and that incorporates cuttingedge technology in order to make a real difference to your life. You can forget about your hearing loss and get on with enjoying life.

Features And Benefits Of Vivace

  • 10 channel processing, precisely matches to your hearing loss to provide a truly personalized solution.
  • Adaptive compression, adapts to your changing environment and provides the optimum loudness every time.
  • Impulse noise rejection, ensures intense, piercing sounds are always comfortable.
  • Environmental sensing, listens and adapts to the sounds around you ensuring a clear hearing wherever you are.
  • Automatic multiband,adaptive directionality actually reduces background noise by “zooming in” on the speech you want to hear.
  • Speech focus, intensifies speech and reduces noise.
  • Active feedback cancellation,means no embarrassing whistling – ever.
  • Up to 4 listening programs .
  • Low battery drain, for a long battery life.
  • Discreet,easy to operate and comfortable to wear.