Hearing Aid Repair Services

Today's hearing aids are built to be durable and withstand much use and abuse; however, there are certain elements that can still cause damage to hearing aids and require them to be repaired. With simple cleaning and care steps hearing aid repair can be prevented.

The most common reason for a hearing aid to require repair is the buildup of ear wax or debris within the hearing aid. Ear wax is produced by every human being. It is natural and some people produce more than others. For custom hearing aids that sit inside the ear canal, they are subjected to wax each and every day the hearing aid is worn. With proper care and cleaning you can prevent damage from ear wax.

Trust Rehabilitation Center's skilled "factory trained" hearing aid repair technicians to be the resource you count on to repair your hearing aids, economically & quickly.

If you currently wear hearing aids and find them performing at less than optimum or even if they don't work at all, instead of purchasing new hearing instruments, it may be an appropriate decision for you to have your current hearing aids repaired.

Rehabilitation Center provides services to repairs all types of hearing aids.