Experience The Difference With The Nucleus System

Because the little moments make a big difference in life. The Cochlear™ Nucleus® System is designed to make a big difference in your life. The Nucleus System features the Cochlear Nucleus 5 Sound Processor, the Cochlear Nucleus CI24RE Cochlear Implant, and the Cochlear Nucleus 5 Remote Assistant.

Together, these components set a new benchmark in hearing performance. Every detail is developed to provide unsurpassed hearing performance. Now you can achieve your personal best hearing experience, enjoying the little moments and everything in between.

Industry’s Smallest Sound Processor

The Nucleus 5 Sound Processor is designed to be comfortable and discreet — up to 43% smaller than any other with a compact rechargeable battery.

The Nucleus 5 Sound Processor also comes with exclusive features such as: industry's most advanced, fully integrated dual microphone zoom technology designed to enhance hearing performance in noisy environments. AutoPhone™ for automatic phone detection through auto telecoil; it's the only behind-the-ear sound processor with IP44 3 and IP573 ratings for water resistance. Set It and Go™ SmartSound program automatically adapts to the environment around you.