Listening Programs

Each program in the hearing aid is intended for specific listening situations.

Depending on the specific brand's hearing aid and how the hearing care professional has programmed it.

The following listening programs are available:


Master Program

The standard or default program of the hearing aid. In this program, all automatic functions of the hearing aid work to ensure that you get audibility, intelligibility of speech and comfort in all listening situations.


Music Program

Optimised for listening to music - whether at home or in public places.


Comfort Program

Designed to give you optimal comfort in noisy and in quiet environments where focusing on speech is not essential. You can use it when you ride your bicycle or garden, for example.


TV Program

Optimised for listening to television. Television sound differs to some extent from normal sound and this program takes this into account.


Audibility Extender

Relevant if you have difficulties in hearing high pitch sounds and you have little or no hearing in the high frequencies. The Audibility Extender helps hearing aid users to better hear high frequency sounds such as the consonants “s” and “sh” sounds in spoken language, as well as environmental sounds such as birdsong, music and the doorbell.

Acclimatisation Program

Relevant for first time hearing aid users to become used to all the new sounds gradually. The Acclimatisation program has the same features as the Master program, but provides slightly less amplification.


Telecoil Program

Can be used in places where tele loop systems or telecoil compatible telephones or devices are installed. Activating this program allows you to listen to a specific sound source and shut out surrounding sounds.


Zen Program

A harmonic tone program designed for relaxation and concentration and for making tinnitus less noticable; it can be adjusted according to your needs and preferences. Zen plays random tones that never repeat themselves. This can be helpful when you are tired and need a break but do not want to turn your hearing aid off, particularly in demanding listening situations with a lot of background noise.