Hearing Aids Can Help

No hearing aid can restore your hearing completely. However, hearing aids can certainly help by providing a more subtle sound picture and thereby improving communication vastly. Hearing aids can bring back sounds that you may not have heard or thought about for years. Everyday sounds such as a ticking clock, water dripping, the television, the car, footsteps on hard floors, children’s voices, music, doors banging, laughter, tools, machinery, etc.

Having a hearing loss does not only mean the inability to hear loudly enough. Some people may also experience difficulties hearing within a specific and narrow frequency region. This can result in what is known as discrimination loss one can hear speech but not understand it.


Localisation and hearing impairment

Hearing impairment affects our ability to understand speech, as well as our ability to localise the sound sources around us. In background noise, like at a party or in traffic, it becomes more difficult to distinguish sounds and the perception of space and general sound quality are also decreased.

First-time hearing aid users may find that there are many new things to take into account. Besides learning how to maintain the hearing aid and how to place it on the ear, users need to accustom to new sounds.

Even for experienced users, switching from one hearing aid to another is accompanied by its own set of challenges. First of all, it can be a different type of hearing aid, if the hearing loss has changed. Furthermore, the new hearing aid is likely to be more sophisticated than the previous one - it may contain new features and the sound quality may have changed significantly.