Hearing Aids Fitting and Programming


Rehabilitation Center offers the facility of Hearing Aids Fitting and Programming. Proper fitting and programming of a hearing instrument is critical to its intended function, use, and the benefits derived by the user.

At Rehabilitaion Center, regardless of our years of experience we are prudently reliant on state-of-the-art fitting, programming, and measurement technologies that will ensure that our customers receive the most from their hearing instrument investment.We are committed to provide a reliable and trusted means of fitting and programming of patient’s hearing instrument accurately and expediently.


Quality Of Fitting

Every hearing health care professional at Rehabilitaion Center performs adjustments to their patient’s hearing instruments based on relatively informal patient reports, and some make additional adjustments based on formal behavioural measures.

At Rehabilitaion Center we deploy every means at our disposal to accurately and responsibly fit and program our patients’ hearing instruments. Figuring prominently in our comprehensive hearing instrument fitting and programming procedures.