BABY 440

Designed Specifically for babies

Widex has designed a hearing aid specifically for babies. The WIDEX BABY™440 hearing aid provides babies with access to as many sounds as possible, helping to stimulate their language and speech development.

WIDEX BABY440 gives your baby an opportunity to interact with you and the surrounding world, whether at home, in day care or with family. WIDEX BABY440 is the only hearing aid designed specifically for babies.


Small And Comfortable

It’s incredibly small and comfortable to wear so your baby will hardly notice it. It’s light so they can wear it for longer periods of time. It’s designed using strong and tough materials so it can withstand heavy use. And of course it features all the latest Widex sound technology so your baby can get the best possible natural sound.

This is very important as babies hear sounds - particularly their parents’ voices - from the moment they are born.WIDEX BABY440 gives them access to as many important sounds as possible. This is vital for them when learning language.

We have also concentrated on making the fitting of WIDEX BABY440 as quick and easy as possible. At Rehabilitation Center we have complete arrangements for the perfect, easy and comfortable fitting of WIDEX BABY440 for your children because it is incredibly small and comfortable to wear so your baby will hardly notice it.

WIDEX BABY440 fits perfectly on small ears. And as it has been designed using light but tough materials, you can rest assured that it will sit comfortably and securely all day long.