Coselgi Armonia

The philosophy behind the Coselgi Armonia family is to offer a complete range of products with a perfect quality price ratio. With Armonia you can choose the hearing aid that meets your expectations, budget and aesthetic needs. Coselgi Armonia is for people who want to fully enjoy their social life.

Thanks to the fully automatic adaptive directional microphone system, Armonia is able to distinguish noise from speech and let you focus on what is really important for you, even in crowded places or in noisy situations.With Coselgi Armonia you will enjoy again your social life.


Features And Benefits Of Armonia

  • The 3 channel processing matches to your hearing loss to provide a personalized solution.
  • Adaptive compression adapts to your changing environment and provides the optimum loudness every time.
  • Impulse noise rejection ensures intense, piercing sounds are always comfortable.
  • Environmental sensing listens and adapts to the sounds around you ensuring a clear hearing, wherever you are.
  • Automatic adaptive directionality reduces background noise by focusing on the speech you want to hear.
  • Speech focus intensifies speech and reduces noise.
  • Static feedback cancellation means no embarrassing whistling.
  • 3 listening programs.
  • Low battery drain for a longer battery life.
  • Versatile– discreet, easy to operate and comfortable to wear.