Company Profile

Rehabilitation Center has combined years of understanding with a nature curiosity in finding solustions to individual hearing loss. Our uncompromising approach to innovation has led to such advances as the word's first fully digital in-the-ear hearing aid, as well as our own revolutionary wireless technology.

Pakistan's only largest chain of hearing center where you can find every solution to your hearing problem. We take the pride to introduce high quality hearing aids that give you better oppertunities in life..... wheather its a serious loss in your hearing and requires appropriate digital hearing aid or its about mould & shell making up to your satisfaction, we have all you need. Amazingly you would not even judge that you are using hearing aids and you would be calling other to say... you can write to us now at


Our Mission

At Rehabilitation Center, our mission is to bring the market hearing solutions that are attractive, accessible, and affordable, to enable individuals to benefit from better communications and quality of life. For us, better hearing involves protection, preservation, care, and improvement, all in the context of today’s active lifestyles.

Our innovative hardware and software technologies improve the performance and safety of ear-worn devices for communication, entertainment, hearing protection, and hearing improvement.

"Attractive" means our products are aesthetic, functional, and incorporate the latest in technology and design trends. "Accessible" means products are available from a variety of delivery channels, which provide individuals with choice and convenience, and are available in a single visit. “Affordable” means that we ensure our products have the right price-to-value proposition to bring hearing solutions to the mass market.

Custom fit headsets, earphones, hearing protectors, and hearing aids no longer need to be an expensive luxury. Our belief is that everyone should be able to afford better hearing solutions.

Team Rehabilitation Center wishes you to say .... Let’s hear the whispers...!